Browse WAP sites using Firefox

Many a times we would want to check out some WAP sites on computer but unfortunately, we can’t. But firefox has a solution to all the problems. Download the WMLBrowser plugin from: And browse WAP sites normally and seamlessly!

Recommended Firefox Plugins

When it comes to Firefox’s plugins, everyone have their own preferences. For me, these are the ones that I like and use the most and according to me are useful for all web-developers are: 1. Adblock Plus – Removes all kinds of ads from web pages. Saves bandwidth and page load times. 2. Add n edit cookies – Manage… Continue reading Recommended Firefox Plugins

[HowTo] Remove almost any kind of viruses from Windows

Being attacked by many viruses in the recent times, I thought why not make people learn from my experience. Having faced about a dozen of different viruses in past 2 weeks, I have experience enough to write this guide. I faced trojans, trojan downloaders, rootkits and what not. So here’s my little guide which will… Continue reading [HowTo] Remove almost any kind of viruses from Windows

Freed up some MBs, finally!

My computer was infested with more than 150 softwares, majority of which were used only once or twice and hadn’t been in use since then. I was just too lazy to uninstall them. I was not facing any performance issues despite of so many programs installed on computer but today my notebook was really lagging.… Continue reading Freed up some MBs, finally!