Bluehost – the best host out there?

Before providing a review for Bluehost, I’ll take to back to the days when I knew nothing about web. When I say nothing, I just didn’t know anything except for normal browsing. Yeah, you heard it right. Through some googling and stumbling on an unknown page, I found out about adsense and its success stories. I made up my mind to do the same and start earning. I had big plans… like earning in thousands of dollars per month. Everything was set. I decided to create a forum but I didn’t have any hosting. I tried few simple scripts on free hosting and I was successful to install them. I forgot to mention – even though I wasn’t familiar with how web worked, I was still a tech savvy out of the web. I could program very well in C/C++ and could troubleshoot almost all of the software and hardware problems myself. So, I tried PHPBB on a free host and I needed a hosting account now to go professional.

After reading some reviews on internet, I found out that bluehost was quite good. Without a second thought, I asked my uncle for a credit card and registered for an account. The cPanel they provide is quite good – nicely organised into categories.

They offered:
UNLIMITED Hosting Space
UNLIMITED File Transfer
UNLIMITED Domains hosting
2,500 POP/Imap Email Accounts
SSH (Secure Shell), SSL, FTP, Stats
CGI, Ruby (RoR), Perl, PHP, MySQL
2000/2002 Front Page Extensions
One Free Domain Forever!
Free Site Builder

Not to mention, their excellent customer service and support.

All this was for 6.99$ per month. It was too cheap for what they had to offer. Its been 14 months since I purchased their hosting and I never had major problems. There was problem for about 10 days when their server went up and down all the time. I asked the support and they said that their was an upgrade being performed on my box. Since, then there hasn’t been any problem. Their 99% uptime guarantee stands out to be true.

If you wanna buy a shared hosting, this host is highly recommended. After all 0.9 million customers cannot be wrong!

This is an honest review from a satisfied customer, that is me.

If you wanna buy this hosting, please follow this link:
Buy your account here.

P.S: So far, I’ve learnt PHP, MySQL, Javascript, CSS, HTML (ofcourse) and I’ve been doing web development for various clients now. No more a newbie to web. xD

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