Spent some bucks on my forum

So, I had collected around 100$ in my paypal and was planning to collect it and buy a good laptop. But, I also wanted to invest it on my forum’s marketing and SEO (search engine optimization). I thought to myself that it would take a long while to collect for laptop. So, I decided to spent some money on my forum’s promotion. I found out one search engine optimization who provided 8200 Directory submissions for 50$ along with 1 article submission to 25 high PR sites. I liked this package. I contacted him and sent him the money.

I was hesitant in spending the money but it was not spending after all, it was investment. I would get the result back in form of popularity and more traffic which would eventually be converted into more money.

I sent him payment yesterday. He said, he would extract information from my forum in 48 hours and then report it to me if it’s correct. After my confirmation, it would take around 20 days for all the submission work to be done. Now, in a month I expect a major growth of traffic on my forum. Hopefully, I’ll be able to make my forum a huge one with lots of quality content.

Will update the blog as the SEO process proceeds.

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