Freed up some MBs, finally!

My computer was infested with more than 150 softwares, majority of which were used only once or twice and hadn’t been in use since then. I was just too lazy to uninstall them. I was not facing any performance issues despite of so many programs installed on computer but today my notebook was really lagging. I was also struggling with free HDD space. Let me tell you that I am a download freak. I feel incomplete when my download manager is empty and I search for something to download. I just don’t like my download manager sitting idle in the task bar which was the main reason I was struggling with low HDD space. My D: drive had 2 GBs free and E: drive had 5 GBs free. My C: drive had just 57 MB free (I moved some files to D: drive, it had 0 bytes free previously.

I want to buy a new HDD coz my 160GB HDD is just too small tostore all my massive software, songs, movies collection. I’ve even burnt 30-40 dvds, still I am struggling with downloading problems.

So, after all the problems I finally decided to kick my laziness and plunge into the task of cleaning up some mess.

I uninstalled about 20-25 softwares and now, it my start menu is starting to look normal again (Previously it went out of the screen with huge list of softwares). My C: drive has 600MB free space now. Its feeling like I’ve removed a huge burden from above my head. I’ve still many softwares to go. I would love to format my computer but since it is heavily modifies and tweaked by me, I think I wouldn’t uninstall until a major problem compels me to.

Will post an update on how much I freed my hard drive and how is my computer doing now.

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