[Solved] “Error saving media attachment.” error in WordPress

WordPress might give this error on uploading an image from media library. It means that wordpress isn’t able to save your file.

It is really easy to fix. However, this may not work for all:

Go to Settings->Media. Change the path in ‘Store uploads in this folder’ option to ‘wp-content/uploads’ (without the quotes).

If this doesn’t work you may have to change the permission of your wp-content/uploads directory to 0755. Read this to learn how to change directory permissions.


[How-To] Use facebook chat with pidgin

Now that facebook supports XMPP protocol for its chat, any messenger which supports XMPP would be able to use facebook chat without much effort.

Follow these steps to add your facebook chat to pidgin:

  • Start the pidgin and press Ctrl+A to bring the Accounts dialog box.
  • Click on Add.
  • Select XMPP as protocol from the drop-down menu.
  • Type in your username or your alias (the name you chose to to keep in url for your profile).
  • In ‘Domain’, type chat.facebook.com
  • In ‘Password’, type your facebook password.
  • Click on Advanced Tab, and uncheck ‘Require SSL/TLS’.
  • In ‘Connect Port’ type 5222.
  • In ‘Connect server’, type chat.facebook.com
  • Finally, click on Add.

This will add your facebook chat to pidgin.

[How-To] Changing directory permissions from cPanel

This is not a difficult task but people often don’t know what directory permissions are. While we need not go into depth, just know 0755 is the recommended setting for all directories.

For changing a directories permission from cPanel, follow the following steps:

  • Login to your cPanel.
  • Find File Manager and click on it.
  • Select web root and click on Go.
  • Now place a check in the checkbox next to the directory you want to change the permission of.
  • Click on Change Permissions.
  • And select 755 in the box.
  • Finally, click on Change Permissions.

You’re done.

This would change the permission of selected directory to 755.