[SOLVED] No sound in tuxguitar

Tuxguitar stopped working after upgrading to Ubuntu 10.10 Alpha. Many people seem to be having this problem after a distribution upgrade.

The fix is simple. Install timidity and tuxguitar-jsa package.

sudo apt-get install timidity tuxguitar-jsa

After the install, run tuxguitar and play a file. You should hear the sound. If you still cannot hear it play, goto Tools->Settings->Sound
In the MIDI Sequencer drop down list, select ‘Real Time Sequencer’. In the MIDI Port field, select ‘Gervill’ and click on Ok. Click on Yes when it asks for confirmation.

Try and play sound again, and you should here it this time.

[HowTo] Enable or disable modules in Apache

You can enable or disable any apache module using a2enmod and a2dismod. You don’t need to edit the conf file for that unless you are having some problem with this method. The syntax of these commands is really simple:
To enable a module:

sudo a2enmod module_name

To disable a module:

sudo a2dismod module_name

For instance, to enable mod_expires, execute sudo a2enmod expires in the terminal. If you see the following output, you can be sure that it has been enabled.

[email protected]:~$ sudo a2enmod expires
Enabling module expires.
Run '/etc/init.d/apache2 restart' to activate new configuration!

To disable mod_expires:

sudo a2dismod expires

Restart the server after enabling the module.

sudo service apache2 restart


sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

PS: On linux systems, you can use auto-complete feature by pressing tab with a2enmod and a2dismod. It will show list of mods installed on your system.


[HowTo] Check your php and server information using phpinfo()

We can check the php configuration, apache’s loaded modules and all other kinds of PHP configuration using a simple function called phpinfo(). Create a file called infophp.php in your web’s root directory and put the following code in it:


This would output all the php configuration info and apache information. You can pass on an argument to phpinfo() to limit what information is displayed. You can checkout the phpinfo documentation here.

PS: This is a beginner tutorial for absolute beginners.