Got a new domain for my blog (How I moved my blog to new domain)

Just bought for my blog. As I consider myself insane (most of you will agree with that), I found this name suitable for my blog. I bought it in the same instant when I saw it was available.

I added the domain in cPanel as addon domain but unfortunately it didn’t support second level directory ( So I copied all the files from the directory and pasted it in a directory on top level. I pointed the domain to it and it worked. I changed the Blog URL in admin panel and it worked.

Now, there was this problem of redirection. There always is a problem of 301 redirection with new domains. I had Page Rank and pages listed in search engines which I didn’t want to lose. So, I needed a 301 Permanently Moved redirect. I made a .htaccess file in my old directory and put this:

redirect 301 /blogs/

I figured this out after a dozen of commands including mod_rewrite. Finally, this worked like a charm.

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