Guitar Pro alternative in Ubuntu

I am a big guitar freak. I play guitar all the time. A good friend for guitar learners is Guitar Pro on windows. Guitar pro is basically a tool which shows musical notations, plays them, show the notation on guitar tabs, change tempo etc. It helps beginners a lot.

Today, I felt the need to use it again, but I didn’t want to logon to windows for doing that. I knew there had to be an alternative in Ubuntu (Geeks play guitar too :D). Fortunately, I found two packages in repos which could work similar and better than guitar pro. Best of all, they are free.

To install them, type the following in terminal:

For tuxguitar:

$ sudo apt-get install tuxguitar

For kguitar (It is for Kubuntu/KDE users):

$ sudo apt-get install kguitar

I found tuxguitar to be more feature-rich and bug free. Try ’em both to see what suits you.


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