Killing Xorg, when things get out of control

Today I experienced a rather strange problem in Ubuntu. It crashed. Actually it wasn’t completely crashed, the mouse clicks weren’t working, I couldn’t switch using Alt+Tab, I could only use the program which was on the screen. The panels weren’t working, though the shortcut keys were. Fortunately enough, I had assigned shortcut key to open the terminal and it was working, so I could even access the terminal.

Fortunately, firefox  (shiretoko) was running as the frontmost application and I was able to access the internet. I searched for How to kill X and was presented with many solutions.

I tried killall X in  terminal but it didn’t work. Suddenly, I remembered that X was called Xorg in jaunty. I did this:

sudo killall Xorg

and instantly the X restarted, and presented me the login screen. And after logging in everything was as good as rebooted :D.

I love Ubuntu, I love linux.


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