Moving my firefox profile from windows to ubuntu

The only thing most of the people do on computer is surf the Internet. And for surfing Internet, the best browser, IMHO is Firefox (thankgod, someone made it). I use many plugins in firefox which make my life easier as well as help me in debugging my web applications.

I logged back into the windows (I didn’t want but there was no other way), and opened firefox. I already had FEBE plugin installed in firefox which is an awesome plugin which will back-up your bookmarks, extensions, themes, cookies, history etc, in one single archive. I backed up my profile and it took around 2 minutes to complete backup. I restarted and booted back in Ubuntu. I launched firefox, and installed FEBE and restored it by going to:
Tools menu -> FEBE -> Restore profile

I selected my backed up file.

Within 10-15 seconds, the profile was restored without any errors. I restarted my browser and found my firefox same as it was in windows.


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