The best way to earn online

I’ve come across many sites, forums and blogs teaching thousands of methods to earn online. Some would really zoom past your head if you don’t know basic marketing tricks. There are Paid To Click, Paid to Post, Paid to Read, Paid to Write and Paid To *insert anything here*. XD

Anyways, I’ve tried various methods but succeeded in none of them. Maybe because I get bored easily and don’t have so much patience. People would wait for months to earn 10$ from a Paid To Post forums. I just can’t do that. I can’t really post to get paid. If I feel like posting, I will… if I don’t, I won’t. So, these methods were pretty useless for me.

The method that worked for me the best was Freelancing. No, freelancing just doesn’t mean programming. You can freelance for almost anything including writing, designing, programming.. anything you are good at. Freelancing is something you’d love to do. It’d make utilizations of your skills and earn you some money. It will help you earn much more than any other method. Many people do full time free lancing and easily earn their living with it.
Their are many websites offering freelancing services to users all around. Some of them the best are:





There are hundreds of more sites like these just a Google away. You can try your skills on these sites and monetize your talent and earn 1000s of bucks weekly/monthly depending upon your capability.

Stop wasting time in other online earning programs. Instead, take some time to develop skills and get on these sites to earn lots of money. No need to start websites or clicking on ads. Just exploit your talent.


Happy earning online!

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