How I bought

How I bought is quite interesting. Okay, I always wanted a .com domain for my forum but lack of paypal money and credit card compelled me to use a free domain.

So, I seriously started working to collect some money. I already had 2-3 projects given to me by guys in US, but I being lazy didn’t bother to complete them. I contacted them and asked if the project was still open. One of them replied and I completed his project working hard day and night. The project was about implementing AJAX on a site. He paid me $20 on paypal. I was very happy. This was my first earning online. I decided that I will choose the domain name very carefully as it is the first thing a visitor enters in his address bar.
I posted on mazzako forum but didn’t get any nice replies.
This was 2 days ago.

Today, I searched for a new project and found one. It was about merging and compressing javascript. It sounded simple and hence I mailed a proposal. And to my amazement, the project was quite hard. Compressing the script was rendering it in errors here and there.
I tried to solve every error manually but couldn’t figure out much of the code because it was base 62 encoded.
I, finally, somehow managed to solve the problem using another compressor and few manual correction of errors.

The project was done to his full satisfaction. I hadn’t quoted him the price. I thought of quoting him $20 but it was hard work so I thought of quoting $30. I thought that would be just too much coz $30 equals to 2400 NPR. So, I quoted him $25. I was prepared for revolt. I thought he would bargain but he didn’t. Nice guy. He paid me $25 instantly.

I had $45 in my paypal account in 3 days. I was so happy. I was high. My talent was paying. Up until now, people cursed me for using computers day and night and remaining disconnected from rest of the world but my talent was starting to pay. You could very well imagine my happiness. I was euphoric.

After that, I went straight to my Bluehost cPanel. I clicked on domain manager and I searched for techmindz. I didn’t know was available. I had not bothered to search for it because I was quite sure that it won’t be available.

I clicked on ‘Buy’. It brought me to the next page where I had to write my payment details. I didn’t want to buy a domain. I was just fiddling around. Being evil minded myself, I thought that there must be a hidden field where subtotal was stored. I searched for hidden field on the page source and I found a hidden field which stored $10. I knew javascript injection and I changed that value to 0. I clicked next and it bought me to the paypal page. On the paypal page, there was no mentioning about the price. I thought it might be on the next page and clicked next. And guess what? It confirmed my purchase and $10 was reduced from my account. And before I knew what happened, was already mine.

This is how was bought. Interesting, isn’t it.

So guys, attempt to hacking can get you hacked too. ;)

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