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[SOLVED] No sound in tuxguitar

Tuxguitar stopped working after upgrading to Ubuntu 10.10 Alpha. Many people seem to be having this problem after a distribution upgrade.

The fix is simple. Install timidity and tuxguitar-jsa package.

sudo apt-get install timidity tuxguitar-jsa

After the install, run tuxguitar and play a file. You should hear the sound. If you still cannot hear it play, goto Tools->Settings->Sound
In the MIDI Sequencer drop down list, select ‘Real Time Sequencer’. In the MIDI Port field, select ‘Gervill’ and click on Ok. Click on Yes when it asks for confirmation.

Try and play sound again, and you should here it this time.

Guitar Pro alternative in Ubuntu

I am a big guitar freak. I play guitar all the time. A good friend for guitar learners is Guitar Pro on windows. Guitar pro is basically a tool which shows musical notations, plays them, show the notation on guitar tabs, change tempo etc. It helps beginners a lot.

Today, I felt the need to use it again, but I didn’t want to logon to windows for doing that. I knew there had to be an alternative in Ubuntu (Geeks play guitar too :D). Fortunately, I found two packages in repos which could work similar and better than guitar pro. Best of all, they are free.

To install them, type the following in terminal:
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