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[SOLVED] ‘Unknown’ filesystem in gparted

I had a primary NTFS partition with windows 7 installed on it. Somehow, its bootloader went corrupt so I used install-mbr in ubuntu to fix that but it only made the problem worse. Now my system didn’t recognise the partition as NTFS partition and I couldn’t access the partition.

I modified the partition ID using fdisk but that didn’t work. Fdisk recognised it as NTFS but gparted didn’t, nor did Ubuntu. To fix it, I followed the following steps:

    • Download testdisk and extract the files to a folder. The files are compiled executable files so there is no need for any installation. I extracted it in a folder named testdisk on my home directory. Ubuntu users can install it using sudo apt-get install testdisk
      cd ~/testdisk/linux
      Execute the testdisk:

      sudo ./testdisk_static
      Select [Create] and press enter. On the resulting screen, select your harddrive using cursor keys and press enter. On the next screen select the partition table type. It’d generally be Intel if you are using a PC and Mac if you are on Mac. Select the correct one and press enter.
      Now you’ll be presented with lots of options. Use cursor keys to select Advanced and press enter. Select the partition which shows unknown type. Use left and right arrow keys to select [Type] and press enter. You’ll see the list of partition types. In the list the HPFS/NTFS has partition id 07. Press enter, type 7 for NTFS or another partition ID corresponding to your partition type. Press enter.
      Now use the right arrow key to select the [Boot] and press enter. Use right arrow key to select [Rebuild BS] and press enter. Select [Write] and press enter. Now type y. The partition should be fixed by now. You can now quit the testdisk
      Refresh partition list

      sudo partprobe
  • The disk should be accessible again now


    Why not to encrypt your files using EFS or any other encryption

    EFS or NTFS encryption can turn out to be your life’s worst nightmare in case you don’t fully read about it. I advice everyone not to use it unless you really know what you are doing and backup your certificates.

    I had many folders of mine encrypted and I forgot about them completely as encryption is transparent to user who encrypted the file. It was a usual day. I was working on my computer when I wanted to access some files from ‘My Documents’ (yes, I encrypted whole My Documents folder, idiot me.) and was denied access. I thought it might be with just that file. I tried accessing other files, other folders but it gave same error. It dawned upon me. In an instant, I knew what was going on. I was shocked and confused at the same time. I didn’t know what was happening.
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