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[How-To] Move your Ubuntu Installation to new hard-drive

I had some hard-drive free space constraints and bought a new 500GB one. Now I wanted to transfer/migrate my current installation to the new hard-drive. Here’s how to do it.

First we need to copy the complete filesystem to the new drive. Connect both the drives to your computer and boot using ubuntu live cd. We need to boot using live cd because we can’t copy the filesystem while booted into it.

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[Solved] Ath5k wifi module not working in Karmic Koala

I noticed was my wifi (Atheros AR5001/5007EG) stopped working after I upgraded to Karmic Koala. I searched endlessly on Google without any answer. Then, I remembered that Karmic comes with newer kernel 2.6.31. And ath5k kernel module hasn’t been loaded yet into this newer kernel.

So, I simply executed

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