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Google Sputnik Test – Opera 10.6 vs. Firefox 3.6.6 vs. Google Chrome 5.0.375.86 on Ubuntu

I was free, so just decided to see how browsers compare on Google’s sputnik test. Its a test about javascript conformance. Well, here’s the introduction from site:

Sputnik is a JavaScript conformance test suite containing over 5000 tests. It tests how well a JavaScript implementation adheres to the ECMA-262 specification version 5, looking only at those features that were also present in the previous version, version 3, and not the new features added in version 5.

So, in essence its a test which checks how complete a browser’s javascript engine is and how well does it complies to standards.

I decided to test:
Mozilla Firefox 3.6.6
Google Chrome 5.0.375.86 and
Opera 10.60

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[How-To] Change facebook theme

I’ve seen numerous pages on facebook about changing facebook themes. Unfortunately, no user can change his/her profile theme because this data has to be stored on server. It can only happen if facebook starts supporting themes which I don’t see is a possibility anytime in near future.

Before following this tutorial, keep 1 things in mind:

This change will only be seen by you only on your computer and only on Mozilla Firefox.

This means that its only for people who would like to feel good seeing their own themes. It would not affect the look of your profile on others’ computer ie. other people would not be able to see your theme and instead see the default facebook theme.

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[HowTo] Optimize Mozilla Firefox for better performance

Firefox is getting very popular lately, mainly due to its customizability. I use firefox as my main browser and use all sorts of addons which help me in web-development. These addons make my firefox hungry but I can’t do without them. So, instead I tweaked around some settings in firefox which made it much responsive and faster than before.

To tweak those settings, follow the following steps:

1. Type about:config in your address bar and hit enter.
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Moving my firefox profile from windows to ubuntu

The only thing most of the people do on computer is surf the Internet. And for surfing Internet, the best browser, IMHO is Firefox (thankgod, someone made it). I use many plugins in firefox which make my life easier as well as help me in debugging my web applications.

I logged back into the windows (I didn’t want but there was no other way), and opened firefox. I already had FEBE plugin installed in firefox which is an awesome plugin which will back-up your bookmarks, extensions, themes, cookies, history etc, in one single archive. I backed up my profile and it took around 2 minutes to complete backup. I restarted and booted back in Ubuntu. I launched firefox, and installed FEBE and restored it by going to:
Tools menu -> FEBE -> Restore profile

I selected my backed up file.

Within 10-15 seconds, the profile was restored without any errors. I restarted my browser and found my firefox same as it was in windows.


Recommended Firefox Plugins

When it comes to Firefox’s plugins, everyone have their own preferences. For me, these are the ones that I like and use the most and according to me are useful for all web-developers are:
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