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[Solved] Absolute positioning and screen-resolution problem

Absolute positioning is great for positioning items anywhere on a page but it does not mix well with screen-resolution. It might look fine on your resolution but it might look completely different on another resolution. Element placement changes upon changing the screen resolution or even when resizing the browser window. It is because items positioning is measured from the browser’s window.

To always display it correctly, you can put relative or absolute positioning on the parent element.
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[HowTo] Increase Fervens’ (wordpress theme) width

Fervens is an extremely attractive and excellent theme for wordpress. After trying numerous themes, I settled for this and its really really amazing.

The only shortcoming was that its main content area was too small. On larger posts, the content would span upto numerous pages which would’ve not taken so much space if it had been a little bit wider.

I tried to experiment with the theme and modify it for greater width. It was not a difficult task and moderate knowledge in CSS is enought to make it accomplish. For the rest of you, I will teach you how to do it.
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